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Healthy Public Policy 

Healthy Public Policy Forum - December 11, 2015

On December 11, 2015 PACM was pleased to host a Healthy Public Policy Forum to learn about healthy public policy, how policy is influenced and examples of related agencies' involvement in influencing public policy. A panel presentation included representatives from the Manitoba Tobacco Reduction Alliance and Green Action Centre. Copies of their power point presentations are attached here:

Manitoba Tobacco Reduction Alliance - presented by Murray Gibson

Green Action Centre - presented by Beth McKechnie

Healthy Public Policy Survey Results - March, 2016

As a follow up the to the Healthy Public Policy Forum PACM prepared a survey to gather input from members and stakeholders on potential policy activities. The potential activities had been identified in discussions as part of the consultations related to the review of the Manitoba  Physical Activity Action Plan in 2014 and through the discussions at the December 11, 2015 forum. Respondents were asked to consider the impact and feasibility of each activity and the activities were then ranked based on the weighted scoring of the survey responses. The survey also asked respondents to identify specific policy activities and related policy activities they were aware of. The results of the survey are available here.

Reducing Barriers to Physical Activity

Not all residents are provided with the same opportunities to participate in physical activity, recreation and sport. There are often barriers to their participation that may be financial, social, cultural or physical in nature. Healthy public policies can reduce or eliminate those barriers. Organizations can establish healthy policy approaches within their organizations and ensure that staff are aware of and act upon those approaches to support participants to participate in their services.

The attached listing of resources provide information to help understand the barriers, how to develop enabling policies, and provides some examples of existing policies that various organizations have adopted to reflect their approach to minimize the barriers to participants and encourage participation by all. Click here to access. 

About the association

PAM is a group of organizations interested in promoting increased physical activity by all Manitobans through promotion, collaboration and education. 


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